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The Amazing Benefits of a Massage

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From Sweden to Thailand, the massage has been a staple of cultural health practices as far back as written records go. While a massage was used to be an expensive endeavor you could find only at specialist spas, today there are a wide arrange of products like those at that allow you to receive one in the comfort of your living room whenever you please.

But why would you want one in the first place? The reason massages have had such a long and storied history is due to the broad array of health benefits they provide. While numerous cultures have long believed in the health benefits of massage, modern science is only just now making an effort to verify these claims.  We are going to take you through some of the different types of massage and the more dramatic health benefits you can receive from them.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage involves long kneading strokes and repetitive tapping. It is extra useful in breaking down scar tissue, promoting blood flow, and being both relaxing and energizing.

Chair Massage

A chair massage will usually involve your neck, upper and lower back. Sometimes they will also encompass your arms and hands; These massages are good for relieving tension, increasing blood flow, and promoting relaxation. Sites like can help you locate the chair that is right for you.

Thai Massage

Thai massage typically involves the repositioning of the body to provide tension and pressure to key areas. Thai people often visit massage places for the relief of back and joint pains.

Sports Massage

A sports massage typically involves the same strokes as a Swedish massage but is used to primarily on a particular area to treat an injury or prevent one from forming. Most professional sports teams across the board employ at least one person capable of performing a sports massage.